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Chemical Engineer/Oceanographer
Rhode Island (USA)

RPS is seeking a chemical engineer/chemical oceanographer capable of evaluating physical-chemical processes of chemical pollutants and hydrocarbons in aquatic systems (freshwater, estuarine, oceanic). The candidate must have a PhD or Master’s degree in chemistry, chemical oceanography, chemical engineering, or equivalent. Additionally, 3-5 years of professional experience is also required. Experience in modeling and programming skills are highly desirable. Strong writing, communication and presentation skills will assist the candidate in advancement of his/her career. The successful applicant must have a demonstrated ability to work on highly interactive project teams as well as individually.

The successful applicant must be self-motivated, quick learner and detail-oriented; and demonstrate logical problem solving approach with an ability to work on highly dynamic and interactive projects both independently and as part of a team.

RPS is an equal opportunity employer.

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